Downloads: CSI 4 - Eindeutige Beweise:

CSI: Eindeutige Beweise Patch

Größe 4 MB
Datum 14.02.13
Bemerkung Der Patch bringt folgende Änderungen:

- The handheld vacuum was scaled to the correct size in the Case 4 garage.
- A Popup explaining how to change Gameplay Settings is now triggered by collecting the red fibers in Case 1.
- Fixed problem with disappearing back button for some users in the evidence viewer.
- Fixed an issue in case 2 where the review would not trigger for some users.
- In Case 4 fixed having to disassemble and re-assemble the taillight to complete the puzzle with the final piece.
- Fixed a logic issue with the bullets in case 5.
- In case 1, the player can no longer analyze the turpentine can when he should not be able to.

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