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Darkness Within - Patch

Größe 6 MB
Datum 14.02.13
Bemerkung Der Patch bringt folgende Änderungen:

Key Upgrades and Features included in Update 1.02:
- Inventory Management
- Several inventory related issues have been corrected
- Graphics Improvements
- The game now uses the default refresh rate of the player's monitor and the anti-aliasing option now supports "2X" and "4X" instead of "On" and "Off"
- Document Underlining
- Improvements have been made to the interface and game mechanics
- Sound Issues
- Audio issues have been fixed
- Alternative Clues and Solutions to Puzzles
- There is now more than one way to garner clues to some puzzles (i.e. Clark's birthday) and alternative ways to solve a puzzle (i.e. photo puzzle)
- Interface Improvements
- Upgrades in functionality have been made, especially to the DES feature in the Inventory Menu
- A Windows Vista only problem has been fixed where the 'File Virtualization' feature causes the game to use the wrong game files. This eventually results in strange behavior or crashes in the game.

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