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Stanley is a news editor from New Zealand who is currently working for a television station in the Middle East. The GK2 Real Life Locations Tour is a ‘Desire Films’ production.
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This is a fan-made project. 'Gabriel Knight II - The Beast Within' game footage is owned by Sierra/Vivendi. The same thing goes for the featured music, composed by Robert Holmes.

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The 180 MB WMV-videofile (which is about 15 minutes long) is available for downloading on our site. Click here ( To save the video, click the link with the right mouse button and select "save target as")


One of the Co-stars in the Beast Within.

This video provides comparisons between game footage from the Beast Within and the real life locations in Germany. Visiting the actual locations is something I’ve wanted to do ever since playing the game in the late 90’s. When travelling to Munich in February, I decided to make my dream a reality – and attempt to give something back to fans of the 'Gabriel Knight' series.
I was pleasantly surprised by how many game locations I managed to find. The wolf enclosure, castles and museums looked very similar to the game reconstructions. There were some differences in layout and obviously some locations have changed over time – but for the most part, they are all easy to recognize if you know what you are looking for. I took some printed out screenshots of the game with me to help frame the shots as accurately as possible for comparison.

Why do this?

I’ve always had a fascination with past and the present, and the idea of merging fiction with reality – so you can understand why a game like 'The Beast Within' appealed to me. I’ve always had a soft spot for FMV (Full Motion Video) games as well. I’ve always found them to be a lot of fun, even if the acting is a bit cheesy at times. I found the 'Beast Within' to be one of the better examples of what can be done successfully with FMV. I particularly enjoyed how you conducted real life research in the game about Germany and King Ludwig II. It made me want to find out more about the people and places which Gabriel and Grace encountered in the game. When I had the opportunity to visit Munich - I was determined to set out with my video camera and see what I could find.

Hellabraun Zoo, Thalkirchen

The wolf enclosure in Thalkirchen.

When catching the train out to Thalkirchen – you actually pass the stop of Lochham on the way. At the Zoo I was surprised to find that the wolf enclosure was very much the same as it was depicted in the game. The signs were different, but still had the similar information on them, and there were still the green fences and gate which led to the enclosure. I went through the green gate (as shown in the video) and was able to film the wolves up close for a brief time. The wolves came right up to the fence and I was as close to them as you can get without actually being in the enclosure with them. Before long a Zoo official on a bike stopped and told me to get out. I had got what I needed, so continued on my way. I’ve learned that sometimes you need to take a few risks if you really want to get the footage you need. It would have been a lot easier if Thomas was around - and I could have duped him as easily as Gabriel did in the game.

Marienplatz/Dienerstrasse/Uebergraus´ office

The great thing about this area is there are several game locations all very close to each other. The Marienplatz is a big tourist spot and is always busy. It looks much the same as it did in the game - although there were no Cuckoo Clocks for sale unfortunately. Uebergrau’s office exterior looks much the same, albeit the changes in the shop windows next to it. It was great to see the Weisswurst shop was still there in some form and to chow down on a Bavarian culinary delight. Intersecting with the Marienplatz is Dienerstrasse - where the hunt club and post office were located in the game. I wanted to retrace Gabriel's steps as he met Von Glower for the first time - so I ventured down to number 54. Unfortunately - in the real world no-one from the Hunting Club answered the door when I knocked. Not even Xaver!

Herrenchiemsee Palace/Ludwig museum

Herrenchiemsee Castle.

To get to Herrenchiemsee Palace, you have to take a ferry to the island of Herreninsel on the lake of Chiemsee. Herrenchiemsee is a replica of the Palace of Versailles and was the most expensive castle of King Ludwig II. We took a tour inside and it was interesting to note the extravagance of the King – its no wonder that he practically bankrupted the Bavarian treasury! It was never finished so we saw all of the rooms which were completed.
In 'The Beast Within', Grace visited the Ludwig Museum, which is situated just inside the entrance to the palace. Inside the museum - I managed to film most of the shots of the exhibit pieces that were featured in the game. The actual museum layout differs a lot from the game, and is a lot larger in reality.

Neuschwanstein castle

Breathtaking view on Neuschwanstein.

The journey to Neuschwanstein takes about 2 hours by train from Munich, and offers some pretty spectacular views of the Alps along the way. The small town of Fuessen lies at the base of the alps, and it’s a short walk up the hill to the castle. Unfortunately, you cannot film or take photos inside the actual castle. I tried taking a couple of sneaky pictures inside but often they were blurry and without a flash they just weren’t worth using. There is a bridge overlooking the castle which you can walk to in 10 minutes. It is well worth it because you can get breathtaking views of the castle and surrounding Alps and countryside. This is the same bridge shown in the game at the very end sequence with Grace and Gabriel overlooking the castle.

Ludwigs deathplace,Starnberger sea

The Ludwig memorial-chapel.

I highly recommend walking around Starnberger Sea first thing in the morning. It is a beautiful area and has walking paths around the entire location. It takes about 30 minutes drive from Munich to get there, or you can take the S-Bahn to Starnberg. From there you have to rely on your feet or a local bus. A Votivkapelle (memorial chapel) dedicated to Ludwig is on the shore above the cross. The chapel and cross are located just outside the small village called Berg on the eastern side of the lake.
The cross on the water marks the spot where Ludwig’s body was found. I stood here for a while and pondered his fate whilst taking in the view over the sparkling clear water. Whilst here, I wanted to fully re-enact a scene from the game where Grace puts a lily in the water as a tribute to Ludwig - so I convinced my wife to help me out.

Ludwigs deathplace at Lake Starnberg.

The appearance of another couple there was an interesting distraction, because the woman reminded me of Grace. We had some fun with that - as you can see in the video. Since this was the spot where Ludwig died, I thought it was a fitting end to this 'Beast Within' real life locations tour.

Final words

I’ve had this series of videos on youtube for a while now and have had a great deal of positive feedback from people all over the world. It is great to know that I’ve inspired others to visit Munich and Bavaria. It has some superb scenery and I thoroughly recommend it. People have contacted me wanting to arrange itineraries for their own trips, which is just fantastic!

Stanley and Mel.

I figured it would be something that would appeal to the diehard fans of the 'Gabriel Knight' series, but wasn’t sure how well it would be received by the majority of people. I’ve been really impressed with the positive reaction and I hope that you all enjoy watching the video and reading my article -written for as much as I did, creating them.

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