Murder on the Atlantic - Intracorp - Komplettlösung: KAPITEL 1: DIE AUSSAGEN

Hier findet Ihr unseren ausführlichen Walkthrough zum Adventure 'Murder on the Atlantic' in der Fassung von Intracorp, das wir für Euch komplett auseinandergenommen haben. Einige der Informationen lassen sich unseres Wissens nach im normalen Spiel nicht finden. Solltet Ihr hier etwas herausfinden, freuen wir uns über einen Hinweis in unserem Forum.



Im Spiel trefft Ihr 33 Charaktere, die Ihr befragen könnt. Eine weitere Aussage haben wir im Quellcode der C64-Version gefunden. Hier findet Ihr sämtliche Aussagen im englischen Original:

Name Ort* Aussage
Bartender Deck C - 24 I noticed that one particular man at the bar kept a watchful eye on the old scientist. He was shuffling throug a lot of papers. I caught a glimpse of one of them but I could not understand what was written. Later, when another man joined him, he quickly put them away. It was really strange.
Bellboy Deck J - 58 I was called to deliver a message to the Vallette cabin. I knocked but no one ansered so I slipped it under the door. The time? I think it was just before midnight.
Bill Singleton Deck K - 34 The Costume ball was magnificent. I was there all night. I had a bit too much to drink though.
Bonnie Allison Deck G - 10 On the way back to my room, I saw a man coming towards me carrying something over his shoulder. It looked like a sack tied at the top. As soon as he saw me, he dropped it and ran off. I didn't want to get involved so I ran to the nearest room and called the Purser.
Boutique Saleswoman Deck F - 20 She was indeed wealthy. She came in at about 10:50 pm and gave me the biggest sale I have ever made. Everything in tha latest fashion and very expensive. She even paid her bill in dollars. Flashy dresser too… all in red.
Casino Dealer Deck H - 41 There was a lot of action here last night. A few lights, a couple of sore losers, things like that. Nothing too unusual. We run a clean operation here. No funny business. The Captain comes by regularly to make sure everything is going smoothly. In fact, he came by just before closing last night, looking for Mr. Roth. I told him he had just left, and before I clould say anything more, he was gone. You've got to admire a man like the Captain, it must really take nerves of steel to have such an important job.
Chamber Maid Deck G - 60 So many odd things happening all at once! First the ransacked cabin, now the blood stains. And worst of all, the Captain's sudden disappearance. I am so frightened…
Erica Smith Deck I - 64 What a terrible experience! That awful man tried to kidnap me. That goodness he didn't hurt me. It happened so suddenly. I felt ill during the play and left the Theatre to get some air. I did notice someone else standing nearby. The next thing i knew, something was thrown over my head and I was carried off, kicking and screaming, down many of what seemed to me metal steps. I don't know what happened after that.
First Officer Deck C - 44 Capt. Charvet seemed to be very anxious last nigt. He sent me to check on Herr Reitmann at 9:25 pm. The old scientist was having a great time, so I made my way back to the bridge. On the way, I stopped off -- please don't tell anyone -- at Mademoiselle Sophies. I got back to the bridge around 9:50 pm. The Captain let the bridge shortly after and was gone for about an hour. Five minutes after his return, he sent out a search party to look for Reitmann. I couldn't understand what could have happened. I had left him in such good spirits just a while ago. After the Captain updated the log, took care of some paperwork and made a few calls, he left, around 10:30 pm.
Gina Anton Deck G - 56 It looked like another love triangle gone sour. Everyone was out on deck enjoing the moonlight. Then a jealous lover ruined the mood for everybody. After a big to-do she ripped her necklace off and threw it on floor. The she walked off with another man.
Great Artiste Deck B - 34 Oh, a detective! It must be an exciting profession. Intrigue… Mystery… Action. Acting is wonderful but sometimes it's frustrating. Last night's performance was spellbinding though. The audience was totally captivated. We actors, like you detectives, have to cencentrate so intently when we work. Any little sound breaks my train of thought. But last night was just perfect!
Hans Leinski Deck J - 15 Can't a man have any privacy? I spent the entire night in my cabin alone because no one would go with me to the ball. I can't believe anyone would want to hurt those nice people across the hall. I feel so awful, I never heard a sound.
Jeanette LeFevre Deck J - 24 I still don't know what happened. We were getting ready to go to the ball when the door suddenly flew open. Before I could turn around, I was hit over the head. I didn't even have a chance to scream out a warning. What could he have possibly wanted from us? Nothing has been stolen. Thank God he didn't kill us.
Jill Martin Deck I - 27 What is so important about a little love note? It's not an offense to have clandestine meetings, is it? It's all very innocent, I assure you. The timing just isn't right.
Jim Marshall Deck L - 41 This much I can tell you. I'm a U.S. agent, here to make sure the scientist arrives safely. I was in the radio room until 22:45, waiting for orders. When I finally met my partner in the ballroom, he told me that he had lost sight of Reimann earlier in the night. We parted company soon after, he went off to look for the scientists and I made my way to the Radio room. There I found Dupuis, sprawled out on the floor. I didn't want to arouse suspicion; I left right after calling the Doctor for him.
John Robbins Deck J - 8 I admit it… it was a mistake. But I honestly didn't mean to hurt anyone. I'm just a mischief maker by nature. Please don't arrest me, I swear it will never happen again! I don't want to be locked up in jail. I don't want to die!
Louise Marcel Deck I - 41 I was standing outside my cabin when I heard noises coming from the room across the hall. I knew hat Mlle Monet hat gone to the ball so I called the Purser. He said he'd look into it as soon as he could. A little while later, I heard dragging noises out in the hall. When I finally got up the courage to look outside, I saw a chamber maid picking up laundry.
Madeline Cook C64 - Quellcode I wasted an entire night! First he begged me to go to the ball, then he embarrassed me by hiding behind a plant. Men… They're all the same. He won't get away with it though…
Pit Boss Deck D - 1 We had an extraordinary night. There were many people there. Some won, many lost. One woman came by, and had a streak of bad luck. She lost money, her brand new fur coat even her wedding ring. She wanted to extend her credit but I refused to take the risk.
Post Mistress Deck E - 54 Let me think a moment. So many people come in here! I had a couple who wanted to send a large package… something about a birthday present. Oh, a very nice young man came in and talked to me while I sorted the mail. There was a letter for him, which he seemed anxious to get. The he left, and I had nobody to talk to. It gets lonely sometimes.
Priest Deck F - 55 What is it that you need… to bare your conscience perhaps? Say five Hail Marys and do an Act of Contrition.
Radio Officer Deck A - 41 My Head still hurts from that blow. It was just after a message startet coming in. Around 23:00, I'll say. Strange that I can't find it anywhere. Well, it certainly was an eventful night… I even got a chance to use my knowledge of Russian.
Sailor Deck K - 64 Our Orders were simply to find the scientist - quickly and quietly. After checking the upper decks, a few of us went down to the cargo holds. We were searching the last few compartments when we saw the Captain, standing near his plane. He told us he had joined the search himself. He sent us to check the engine room. Just after we startetd looking around, I heard a crash from the other side of the room. Then suddenly, a man jumed out at me from behind some barrels. We struggled and unfortunately, he was killed. It was self-defense! Then a woman ran out from behind some equipment. She looked so terrified. We called the Doctor for her and moved the body to the morgue.
Sam North Deck I - 12 My Night started out so well. Dinner with a loveley woman and after, a stroll on deck. She was so beautiful and she smelled so good. Then my Luck changed. A lovely evening. Ruined by a jealous outrage. I haven'r even seen her since then.
Ships Engineer Deck L - 61 There are so many different things to do in this job. It's difficult to be keep an eye on everything at one time. After all, a cruise ship'S reputation depends on it's safety record, doesn't it?
Ships Mechanic Deck E - 47 Maybe you could help me find my missing tools? I need to do some repairs and this is delaying me. I'm very busy, if you can't help me then come back some other time
Ships Purser Deck F - 30 It's a great job but it is demanding. One passenger wanted us to secure all her Jewellry in the safe but since the robbery attempt two days ago, I had to refuse. Now, everyone has gone into a panic and locks on their doors.
Sophie Monet Deck I - 43 It's hectic being a social butterfly; every man I meet falls in love with me. The last man I was involved with was torn between me and his wife. That's why I came on this cruise, to get away from it all. But it seems trouble always follows me around.
Steward Deck E - 11 Well… I don't know if I should tell you this. Don't tell the Captain: He'll have my job. I've had my eye on this beautiful woman and finally asked her to the ball. I Know I shouldn't have done it -- fraternisation between offduty personnel and passengers is strictly forbidden. When I saw him come in around 10:20 pm, I had to hide. She must think I'm a criminal. I tried to leave while his back was turned but I wasn't quick enough. Surprisingly, he didn't question me; he probably thought I was delivering a message. Instead he asked me about the Scientist. I said that I had noticed him dancing with Miss Smith and seen them leave a short while ago. It looked as if he drank too much.
Tobacconist Deck F - 40 Please be quick. I am very busy. One of the passengers has a passion for these German Cigarettes. I have to send for more.
Vinnie Roth Deck H - 39 Yes, he was here, making unfounded accusations and causing a scene. He threatened me and calles me a double-crosser. I thought he may have had a little too much to drink at the ball, so I ignored him, wich made him angrier. Ships officers are such eccentric people
Waiter Deck C - 14 Ah, Mr. Vallette… I remember him very well. He kept me very busy bringing him drinks. It was worth it, he gave me a good tip. He was preoccupied with a freckled womand at another table. That's all I can think of…
Wilhelm Reimann Deck O - 32 I was beginning to wonder if anyone would ever find me here. I feel so groggy - I must have been unconscious for a long time. My papers… where are my papers? There are essential if I am to continue my research in America. They contain top secret information - dangerous in the wrong hands. For this I left Nazy Germany? You must help me find my documents, please!

* = Die Kabinennummern sind von links nach Rechts gezählt, je Deck geht es mit der 1 los.

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Uka (Gast) vor 1 Jahr
It is strange, but the final answers are different for different versions: in C64, it is Bonnie Allison who wears Lilar perfume and lost her necklace, and in PC version it is Sophie Monet... So I wonder how did IntraCorp judge that concourse. I could not find any news of its results - in difference from the concourse held for the original version by CobraSoft.
Besides, there was another, final question: "How could the murder(s) have been prevented? (Answer 25 words or less)".


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