Interview mit Poets of the Fall - Englische Version

With 'Alan Wake' released in May 2010, finnish developer Remedywere able not just to release one of the best thriller games of all times, but a very intense gaming experience that was, despite its flaws, acclaimed by critics worldwide. Essential for creating such an experience, and often underestimated by game designers, Sound Design is one of 'Alan Wakes' greatest features. Besides the beautiful score by Petri Alanko and some licensed songs by artists like David Bowie, one band really stood out. Both the title sond "War", but also two exclusive in-game songs were written and performed by the finnish band Poets of the Fall, who also played and wrote the title song for 'Max Payne 2'. We were able to meet up with them at a concert in Berlin in Summer 2010 and conduct this interview.

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