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Interview with Seb Burnett ('The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle')


Back in December 2014 Rumpus released the first episode of their humorous point-and-click adventure game 'The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle' on iOS devices. After being greenlit yesterday it's also going to be available on PC pretty soon - which seemed like a good reason for us, to clear up a few basic questions for our community. In this short interview we talked to Seb Burnett, who is the mastermind behind Rumpus.


The German version of this interview can be found -> here.


Bertram Fiddle



Adventure Corner: Hi Seb. First of all congratulations for being greenlit and thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions on such short notice.

Bertram Fiddle

Seb Burnett from Rumpus (with Bertram and his servant Gavin)

Rumpus: Ha ha! Thank you for asking and supporting Bertram! It means a lot to small indie devs!



Adventure Corner: Last December you released 'The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle' on iOS. As far as I recall you managed to do that without a publisher. Are you happy with the way how things have turned out for your game so far?

Rumpus: Yes, that's right. It was our first ever game release so was quite a learning experience. We did everything ourselves, but probably should have got some help with marketing! The game was featured on the frontpage of the UK, US and Danish appstores so that was a massive boost for us and we got some good reviews. Sales have gone a bit quiet now, so we are trying to find other ways of letting people find out about the game. It's quite tricky with so many great games out there.


Adventure Corner: You must have received a ton of feedback considering the first episode and we sure hope most of it was quite positive. Are there maybe certain things you hope to do very differently in the next one?

Bertram Fiddle

The first episode started with a strange case of dognapping...

Rumpus: Most of the feedback was good and that really made us happy! It's nice when people find your jokes funny! The main feedback we got, which we agree with, was that the episode was too short. So the next episode we are going to make a bit longer and the puzzles more complicated. The terrible sense of humour will remain though.


Adventure Corner: Now that Bertram Fiddle finally can do some adventuring on Steam, when is the first episode going to be available there?

Rumpus: He is ready to Adventure almost straight away.. but we have a secret announcement that we are going to make soon about another platform... shhhh!


Adventure Corner: Some of our readers were wondering about German subtitles. When can we expect that to happen?

Rumpus: The Steam release will have Russian, Spanish and German subtitles and after that we will update the iOS version to incorporate them.

Adventure Corner: And how's the Android version coming along?

Rumpus: Android was put on hold while we worked on getting on Steam. We are going to concentrate on that next.


Adventure Corner: I'm curious to see the next adventure with Bertram but I'm also aware this is probably going to take a while. What's your current plan for the development of the second episode?

Bertram Fiddle

From the storyboard of episode 1

Rumpus: I've already started writing Episode 2 and have started working on some rough characters. If our desktop release goes well it will mean we can start on Episode 2 sooner. At the moment we are working on some commercial projects to pay the bills!


Adventure Corner: A while ago I saw on Twitter that you were thinking about doing a crowdfunding campaign to make the second episode possible. Is that still a possibility?

Rumpus: Crowdfunding is always a possibility, but you need to spend a lot of time to make sure you do it properly. At the moment we may be able to start production of Episode 2 ourselves, which means we can concentrate on getting the game ready sooner. We have to see how the next month or so goes.


Adventure Corner: Is there anything else you'd like to tell our readers?

Rumpus: Bertram says he hopes you enjoy his Adventurings as much as he enjoys having them... and that he has plenty more planned!


Adventure Corner: Thank you for this interview!


Rumpus: Thank you for interviewing us!

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