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New Developer Killmonday has started an Indiegogo-campaign to fund 'Fran Bow', their first Adventure. 'Fran Bow' is a Horror Point and click game that tells the story of Fran, a young girl struggling with a mental disorder and an unfair destiny. It is a trip to the deepest and darkest side of human psychology, delivered through blood and tears. We talked to Killmonday about their game.

Das Team von Killmonday

Isak Martinsson and Natalia Figueroa (Killmonday)


Adventure Corner: Hi and thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Maybe we could start with you introducing yourself to our readers?

Killmonday: We are Killmonday from Sweden! Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson! Right now we are making a Indiegogo campaing to finish our game 'Fran Bow'.


Adventure Corner:  Killmonday consists of just two persons. What made you two decide joining forces and make this game?

Killmonday: We are married so we don't have a choice. But the truth is that both of us always loved to make movies and our relationship grew up making movies, but after a few years of hard work we just decided that the stories we wanted to tell, weren't enough in movies, so we put all our experiences together and started creating games!

Adventure Corner:  You came from the film industry. What exactly can games provide that films can't?


Screenshot aus Fran Bow

Little Fran Bow

Killmonday: To be in control of every detail is one of the most biggest advantage. With films you have to feel satisfied with not making really what you planned for, and that cuts down the creative part a lot. To make films is very expensive, you have to pay for everything, from a little detail you want in your set, to the very expensive cameras and lightning. With games is not that is cheaper but like we said, you are more in control. If you want to have a character that does not have a leg, you just create it! If the day is not rainy but you need rain, you code that in! So, yes... games provide a huge amount of creative freedom.

Adventure Corner:  How and when did you get in touch with the adventure genre in the first place and what made you realize, you wanted to do these games yourself?

Killmonday: Our first idea was making a point and click because it felt actually very easy to do. But we were so wrong! And maybe we gonna get more haters telling this truth but... We haven't played that many point and click before starting making 'Fran Bow'. Actually Isak has no patience for very hard puzzles in point and click and Natalia, the same.  But! When we started Fran Bow, we totally fell in love with the genre and realized that you can do so much with it! Then we started playing other games also, but not so many... we have a huge list we want to play after finishing our game.

Adventure Corner:  For those who haven't heard about your game 'Fran Bow' yet, what is it about?

Killmonady: 'Fran Bow' is a horror point and click adventure. The game is about the mental disorders and life of this young girl Fran Bow, that after seeing her parents brutally murdered arrives to a mental institution for children, the Oswald Asylum. She also has a cat, her best friend, Mr. Midnight, that will help Fran go back home after she escapes the mental institution. This game is a trip to the darkest side of human mind that you get to experience through Frans  traumas. But not everything is about darkness and horror, is about a beautiful friendship and magic you can find in the most tiny things.

Adventure Corner: Judging from the Alpha that can be downloaded from your website, the story is really nothing to take lightly! How did you get the idea and what inspired you?

Killmonady: The idea for the game comes from a story Natalia wrote about 11 years ago. It is a story that gathers some of the most traumatic experiences she has been victim of and the whole proccess of trying to recover from it. Hospitals and medication. The story with the years has evolved from a girl named "Nobody" to the girl we know as Fran Bow. It has been a huge step of Natalias mental recovery. The game also reflects Natalias experience with imposed religious sects.

Adventure Corner: What do you personally like about the game and why is it worth waiting for?

Killmonady: This game is really something we haven't experience before. The whole story and mechanics are something we personally want to play! So we love everything about it! Fran is a character that you get to know so well through the game that you really fall in love with her. Mr. Midnight is the most sweetest and loyal friend you could ever have! So there are a lot of things worth waiting for in the finished game! It will for sure be a fran-tastic experience! ^_^

Adventure Corner:  What sort of puzzles do you personally like in an adventure game? Some game developers try to make games more casual and easier to solve. So, how's Fran Bow going to be?

Killmonady:The puzzles in the game are designed in different difficulties. Nothing will be very hard but certainly challenging. We think the story has to have a good flow.

Adventure Corner:  Where did you get the inspiration for the visual style of your game?

Killmonday: Mostly old movies, books and musicals. For example Natalia is huge fan of the 40's musicals and loves Kafka and Edgar Alan Poe. And even though these books are not "graphic" they have opened some kind of personal way of seeing things. Also movies like Eraserhead by David Lynch gives a big inspiration for ambience.


Killmonday sammelt Geld bei Indiegogo

Killmonday collects Funds via Indiegogo.

Adventure Corner:  Have you talked with Publishers about your project or is Crowdfunding your first choice?

Killmonday: Crowdfunding is our first choice. We really want to do a game that people wants to be made! Even if we don't reach the goal we are super positive about all response we got until today! It's so amazing just to get a message from a Fran Bow fan, telling you how deeply the game have touched their hearts! And about publishers, we don't discard any possibilities for this game to be done, but we are pretty hard when it comes to creative freedom.

Adventure Corner: Good luck with your campaign and thanks again for your time!

Killmonday: Thank you so much!


Download the 'Fran Bow'-Demo
Support the Game on Indiegogo
See the Teaser on YouTube.

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